Brooklands VSCC New Year Driving Trials

Despite the rain (which thankfully stopped mid morning) the VSCC Trials held at Brooklands Motor circuit was as usual a great event.  With over sixty cars there to compete, including Frazer Nashes, Austin Sevens, Trojans and a wonderful collection of specials.  The ever popular Test hill was extremely slippy but this did little to stop the nimble three wheel Morgans which powered up the hill with ease although one of the Trojans had a few problems cresting the rise, but eventually made it despite the smoke that seemed to envelop most of the car. It’s great to see these cars being driven hard around the courses by their owners  with the Austin Sevens being perfectly suited to the tight courses that have been laid out for the event although the Frazer Nashes always seem more than capable.

No visit to Brooklands would be complete without a visit to the Campbell sheds and assorted aircraft hangers. The Concorde Experience is also well worth the effort. A pint and a chance to thaw out in the club house wrapped up a thoroughly enjoyable day.